Every snapshot represents a moment - a moment that will never repeat itself - all captured by us.
Since 2009
Our love for inspiration got us our name – ALLSPIRE – we are inspired by things around us, and we go all-out to be inspirational. 

We make all precious times a picturesque moment. 
We seize the image that you would want and will remember forever.
- Commercial,
- Editorial,
- Stage Performance, and
- Conceptual Presentation
We work with clients’ idea and blend them with our skill to produce incredible images.

To name a few: Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Penang George Town Festival, George Town World Heritage Inc, Municipal Council of Seberang Perai (MPSP), Fujifilm Malaysia, Ideal Property Group, Accor Hotels, Lone Pine Hotel, Backstage Professional Magazine and Foodsion magazine.
That’s right, we are the type of photographer that will include personality in our work.
We love photography the way it has been and always is – preserving the essence with the right skill. Thus we are trusted by our clients, near or far, willing to get us travel to countries such Singapore, Taiwan, China and Japan specifically to record their journey and milestone.
What we do we do it with heart.
Because we dedicate ourselves to be inspired, and inspire.
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